Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Engage, Engage, Engage

One of the most frequent (and accurate) criticisms of corporate eLearning is that much of it fails to engage learners. Persistence and completion rates are disappointing. For example:

  • only 69% of learners start "mandatory" eLearning courses
  • only 32% of learners start volutary eLearning courses
  • only 30% of learners who start eLearning courses actually finish these

Finding ways of reversing these trends was the focus of a one-hour webinar that was sponsored by eLearn Campus on December 15th. How to Make eLearning Engaging and Keep Your Learners Motivated to Learn, was "attended" by some two dozen participants. For those who missed it, the archive of this webinar is available for review.

During the session, eLearn Campus' Linda Gibson demonstrated how learner engagement could be enhanced by having learners interact with content, with a subject expert, and with peer learners. Her course titled Engaging Your eLearners: Best Practices in eLearning Design and Facilitation, will be next offered started January 16th.

This webinar was the first of many more to come....stay tuned.


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