Friday, May 12, 2006

Ideas for Rapid eLearning

We hosted an interesting webinar yesterday titled Rapid eLearning: 5 Ways to Reduce Your eLearning Development Cycle Times. About 30 individuals from across North America and a range of sectors (e.g. manufacturing, retail, financial, service, and academic) logged in and participated.

Here are some of their comments, which mirror trends that we have found in interacting with clients trying to reduce their development cycle times:

Drivers for Rapid eLearning Development

"Demand from management"

"Quick changes in our industry - global restructuring"

"Keep up with current trends"

"Limited resources"

"Rapid growth"

Barriers to Rapid eLearning Development

"Resources, resources, resources"

"Lack of funds and support"

"Availability of subject matter experts (SMEs) very limited"

"Infrastructure to support technology"

Strategies for Reducing Development Cycle Times

"Asking SMEs for just the content, not the structure"

"Look at use of templates more than I have to date"

"Convince management to expand the e-Team to include graphic artists, html'ers, etc."

"Cover what the end user needs to do the work, and skip the fluff"

"Assign a project manager who can ensure everything stays on time"

For the record, here are the 5 ways we advocate to reduce eLearning development cycle times:

1. Better focused content
2. The right tools for the job
3. The right people in place (within and/or without)
4. Good streamlined processes
5. Good management of people and processes

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